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Photography: Liz Hender

Teaching Philosophy


Learning a musical instrument has proven psychological benefits that last the entirety of one's life. It builds confidence, creativity, and can even make us smarter. Perhaps most importantly, it broadens one's worldview


My fundamental aim is for students to enjoy music, and engage deeply with music as both a performer and listener. Students of mine will develop strong reading and listening skills, a reliable, healthy and expressive piano technique, in addition to a good knowledge of music history and music theory.


Students learn best when given music that they personally find exciting, interesting and fun. It inspires musicality and a thirst to rapdily learn these pieces, which in turn enhances sight-reading abilty.


It is also important that students are frequently performing their music for others-even during the early stages in their education. This is why I organise biannial student concerts, where students showcase and celebrate their achievements. 


When learning the piano with me it is my expectation that students practise outside of lesson times to consolidate what they have been taught and to adequately prepare for the next lesson. This helps to ensure student progress. You only get out what you put in.   




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